Liking the wrong men


There is always a list somewhere in a notebook or even a Bible of what your future spouse is meant to be. This said list contains little things such as: good with kids, great kisser, puts up with me etc. But don’t you think that maybe you’re liking the wrong men? You see, liking men who are all great and a bag of chips maybe dandy and peachy, but what about a guy whose soul purpose is being thirsty for Christ everyday, and spends time reading His word. ‘Unless a guy has a heart for God, he shouldn’t be after mine’ is a quote that is taped to my wall near my door. I always pause to read those words before I leave my house, but I guess I never truly reflected on that until now. When we like the wrong men, we’re practically liking them for all the wrong reasons. I mean, yeah the guy can be very attractive and what not, but how will he serve a future family? How will he approach your father to ask him permission to marry you? Did everything on your little list prepare you for all of that?

A list isn’t going to bring a “perfect man” to your door step with a bouquet of roses. You can’t simply check off every attribute each guy has, it’s like hunting for a needle in a hay stack. Also the whole ‘I have a type’ isn’t going to get you anywhere either. (Trust me when I say this.) You can have a certain stereotypical imagined up in your head: Hipster, Goth, Cowboy etc. But seriously, will our knight in shinning armor really appear like that to us? Or is that only in the dreams we have? I can like the nerdy guys day and night, but it’s not going to get me anywhere if the guy isn’t searching after God each day.

Sometimes the shows we watch can give us a skewed look on what should be. The majority of the men you see on shows are hot middle aged men who date a few times, but never stay with someone. Seriously? But then you switch over to Disney, and you get jocks who are cute but stupid with an excellent sense of fashion. What? Do you see my point here. It’s like society has painted men from ages 16-21 as extremely attractive, yet utterly immature for their age. Ladies, we don’t need those type of men in our life. Like the quote says above, ‘Unless a guy has a heart for God, he shouldn’t be after mine’. A godly man is the right man to like instead of waiting around to decide whether or not you truly like some guy you’ve been either talking to or you just met. Before throwing your heart into a guy, ask yourself this one question first, “Is his heart after God daily?” Then after you ask yourself that question, pray until God answers your prayer. If its God’s will, it will happen.



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