It takes a while

A single event in your life that has already passed, it erupts in the back of your mind. It angers you, makes you upset and causes you to have random out burst of shouting. You’ve been told to forget about it and move on, but that single event can’t seem to heal over like a scab on your knee. The hurt remains, the anger remains, the memories remain. Sweeping the dust under the rug won’t change what has been done. It takes a while for you to heal, to process, to continue you on your way. It takes a while for that single event that bothers you so badly to leave the presence of your mind so you can’t think about it anymore. 

So, what do you do? You close yourself off from your friends because you don’t want to sound biased. You stop writing stories because you can’t think anymore. You stop talking because the words you say won’t matter anymore. That’s what you you do. Then you get depressed, lonely and eventually sad in the end, but it’s for the best right? 

Understand that it takes a while for you to process, to heal from, to cope with that single event. No one may not fully see that, or want to understand. But you have Christ to lean on, and if you’re not leaning on Him then you’re choking on anger and frustration. Because that one event has bothered you so much that it’s like a trigger for you. Its not your fault that this single event happened, stop blaming it on yourself, stop turning over every word spoken in your head. Nothing can be done now. So why does it still anger and hurt you? Is it because it feels similar to a past event? An event that took a while to heal from; yes it sure does.

You’re going to get hurt; things will change people will change. The sky will fall and beauty fades, but all His love will still remain. Its just going to take a while to heal and process all that is going on; others need to realize that too. Its not going to happen over night nor in a few days… Its a long process… One that requires prayer and falling before God each day. Remember you’re human and you have flaws; you’re not perfect. Its gonna take a while, okay.


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