I need reassurance (To my friends)


It’s raining and you just came home from an eight hour work day. You’re exhausted and really want to talk to your friends. The cellphone that usually resides in your left back pocket sits on the dresser with no new notifications. Obviously you haven’t been texting anyone since you were at work all day. You pick up your phone and begin a text message for your best friend. Before you send it and sudden question pops in your head: Am I going to annoy them? Once you answer the question, you end up deleted the recent message you just typed out and lock the phone placing it back down on the dresser once again.

The feeling of loneliness has almost consumed you. You’re friends have their own friends and you’re just there in the corner waiting to see if they still no you exist in their world still. A lot has happened; someone who was introduced to your friends basically took control of them and lied and continues to lie while you have to pick up the pieces afterwards. What you need is reassurance that your friends, the friends you’ve known for almost three years, will stick by your side no matter what happens and they’ll be there to support you even still.


Friends, I need you. I need to hear that you’re still my friends and that you won’t leave me and my siblings sides no matter what goes on. I want to hear from you that whatever you hear, see and associate with that your loyalty remains the same. As I write this, I shudder in fear that I will eventually loose all of you for good, and probably never see you ever again. You all know I fight with anxiety and depression; these two mental issues had caused me to push you all away due to the recent event that has happened with my brother and the lair that is his ex-girlfriend. Now, you can push me away and think I am crazy because I haven’t let this go, but when someone¬† who enters our group and lies that’s when I can’t stay silent.

I will not stand by this time and watch everyone I care about disappear before my eyes as things unfold and become truth. Seriously friends, I am very scared… I need reassurance and so does my brothers. Though we’ve been busy with college, school and work, that shouldn’t mean you can’t contact us every once in awhile.¬† My love for you guys is immense and loosing you all would kill me, so please reassure me and my brothers that you’re truly our friends no matter what happens. We’ve been through a lot, I think we can get through this rough spot too.

Don’t be afraid to contact me or my brothers. I don’t care how awkward it is. Contact us…I am serious, guys. Don’t be strangers.