Disconnected so far away
Ammunition the words we say
I know that we can turn this around
We should be building bridges instead of burning them down.

-Veridia, Disconnected

You’ve done it again; catching yourself thinking about how it use to be before this all happened. You spoke a lot back and forth, you sang a lot and you cared a lot. Now, now there is this wall  that blocks you from ever trying to rebuild that bridge you once had. No more weird smiles, no more music and no more friendship. So why do you keep remembering those time you were good friends, those time where a single person brought you together? The thought can’t escape your head; you want to say sorry but you’re too afraid to get rejected again. You need to leave it alone and move on with your life, you’ve done all you can there is no going over it twice. Disconnected; that’s what you are, just deal with it and move on.

Worrying about it won’t help you heal, it will only make you weak. You can try to talk to whoever it is, but will help in the end? Is that person going to shut you out or ignore you again? Why do you even care, why does it bother you so much? That person you once knew is no longer with you. You’ve may been good friends and possible more, but there’s no need to fret anymore. But you can’t escape the though and drop it for good, because that person met something to you. Is that good? Please stop torturing yourself about all of this, it won’t make a difference. Disconnected; that’s what you are, just deal with it and move on.

Now here you are, worrying about that person once again. Will they see you as that person you once were or forget everything and walk away? Why does this even matter to you, why do you care? You have no clue but the thought is still there. So, what should you do now? Should you walk away and forget all of this or finally face your fear and with deal with it? Disconnected; that’s what you are, can you you just leave it alone and move on….

A post for myself and maybe other.


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