Being 21 is Hard

Jane Austen

You’ve grown up now. No more childish games and drama to get in the way; no more crushes and falling for boys. It’s now time to learn the meaning of life that God has given to you. But…being twenty-one is hard. You’ve realized that you’re no longer a child or a teenager, but a mature adult trying to fit into the world of other adults. Looking around you, how can you even be an adult though?

You cannot drive, you don’t have a significant other and you’ve closed yourself off from people trying to come in. At least you still have Christ and a job, right? Being twenty-one is hard. While everyone else has a life, there’s you, still scrapping yours together one puzzle piece at a time. Still the question remains, why? Why is being twenty-one so hard?

Well, because you’re learning, reaching goals for the first time. Attending college for a career you may or may not want. Looking for new friends and potential significant others. Having fun as a young adult, and taking up responsibility. Isn’t that why being twenty-one is hard? It’s all one big learning, and growing opportunity?

When becoming Christians, it’s always an learning and growing opportunity. You learning by reading God’s word, and grow by being around other believers and praying with not only yourself with with others. But being a Christian is also hard, just like being twenty-one. You can have a car, a job, money and even a significant other and think life is the best thing since buttered popcorn, but remember: Being twenty-one is hard and same with being a Christian.

Yes, you will be mocked, looked down upon, hated and ridiculed for being not like everyone else, but look back on your life, and know that you have an amazing God who has brought you up to this point in your life, and a great family to guide you. All you have to do it let God handle it even further; continue to have fun, and don’t let idiots step on what you have going.

Remember to pray, read God’s word, and love the life Our Savior has provided.