Don’t play hide and seek

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

You hide in a chasm, an abyss created by yourself. A place of utter darkness where no one could ever find you. You build up these walls and retain yourself from telling the ones who truly care about, about what is going on in your life. How can you be found? By staying in the chasm you created? By refusing to tell the ones around how you’re hurting? No. You break down the walls you’ve built up for years, and step into the light and tell them what is going on. Don’t jut give them a short description, tell them the whole story, so they can pray for you, care for you and understand. Don’t play hide and seek, don’t lock yourself away from everyone because you’re hurt from other people. God has found you in the chasm, the abyss you created, and He is reaching out with a wide open hand. Picking you up from the darkness, the security you’ve built up. He wants you to let go, to move on and enclose yourself with other Christians. Not play hide and seek all your life, until it eats you inside.

Look around you, others hide as well, not just you. Cryptic words, fake smile and silence doesn’t heal a hurting heart. All it does is darkens it and crushes it to billions of pieces. If you’re hurting, cling to the Cross. If you’re angry, cling to the Cross. If you’re sick, cling to the Cross. Enough of the outbursts, the rudeness and the fake life. It’s better not to grieve alone but grieve in Christ. Don’t play hide and seek, don’t trap yourself in the chasm of hurt and depression; because soon it’ll come out in how you speak and act towards others. How does one defeat this darkness that lures us into curling up in a ball? How can you fight it off? Not on your own, but with God and other believers that are close to you. You can’t fight this battle alone, you can’t win this on your own. Hiding can’t save you, only kneeling before God Almighty can save you from you.

Life sucks sometimes; it can even cripple us to a point where we want to be done with it all. But, that’s not our plan, that’s not what God wants for us. True, one bad thing happens after another, but why run and hide? Playing hide and seek only makes you feel like you can hide forever than being found at the end of the game. Instead of someone else winning after finding you, God wins in the end. So, are you going to continue to hide, or is God going to come find you? You need healing, so don’t play hide and seek.


Suffering has nothing to with sin

Tired, depressed, stressed, sad and angry. Its all points of suffering. Whatever the time, whatever the day; there will always be suffering through the pain. But why the suffering, why the pain? Did you do something wrong, is God punishing me? Suffering is hard, trust me I know. You wonder what is going on and why it’s happening to you. Your suffering has nothing to do with sin. Its to help you draw closer and closer to Him. Open the Bible, read it aloud. Know that its for you, and everyone else. Suffering has nothing to do with sin. Sometimes its because you gave up on Him. Look to the sky, then take a knee. Pray to the Father when you’re in need. 

So why the suffering, why the pain? Why do friends seem to run away; why do people go through life? Its because God has plan for it; its just all blank. We can’t see it, we don’t know. We just go through themotions in hopes we grow. Suffering has nothing to do with sin. Its there for God to win us again. No more doubt and fear; just God standing there. Suffering is hard, dangerous sometimes. But there is a plan, a time, a day; where God can take away the suffering. Its not up to us, or anyone else; its God’s grace that can ease our souls. Suffering has nothing to do with sin or perhaps it does. All it takes is a Job like faith, a strong will to know that its God’s true will.

So no more suffering, no more pain. No more friends running away, no more sleepless nights. God has a plan for us, through it all. Just sometimes were not know it alls.