The Writer | The Geek | The Christian

She is a writer with stories trapped inside her brain, and tries everyday to let those stories escape on a piece of paper. With each passing day, she makes up stories and scenarios in her head and hopes that one day they’ll become reality.

She is a young woman of The Lord, who gives glory to Him with everything that she does. Whatever you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it for the glory of God. 1 Cor 10:31. She is a Calvinist, and believes in Election, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance of The Saints. (TULIP)

She enjoys the color black, and dresses in that color on a regular basis.

She has visited Narnia and Middle-Earth multiple times, and enjoyed herself.

She has lost her favorite hat…

She pirates the British galleons of the sea, and sits on a large pile of gold.

She enjoys a good cup of Irish coffee and good Earl Gray tea.

She has joined StarFleet and cheated the test and death.

Dauntless wouldn’t let her in.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are her closest friends

Emma Swan and her frequent coffee shops together.

Nine Lashes makes her happy.

FoxNews is her favorite news broadcasting station.

She is just plain…awkward.

The SGC is her second home away from home.

The Avengers are her closest friends/family.

She doesn’t do people well…

Percy Jackson and Annabeth are her training partners.

She loves goth clothing and soft grunge clothing.

She runs on coffee and chocolate.

The smell of books complete her.

Disney is still her favorite ❤

She prefers guys who can step up and ask her father for permission to court her.

She has lived on the Normandy with Commander Shepard.

She is a Jedi Knight or maybe a Sith…

Hot Topic is her favorite store in the mall and would buy almost every goth item there. (Just not the creepy stuff.)

Make-up isn’t her forte.

The Doctor asked her to travel time and space with him.

Oliver Queen and Barry Allen are her greatest guy friends.

The U.S.S Nathan James will always be her third home.

Commissioner Regan helps her out.

Colonel Sanders doesn’t really trust her and Dirk Pitt together on missions.

Xavier asked her to live in the X-Mansion.

The Justice League has let her in a few times.

England is her favorite country, next to Ireland.

She is a hopeless romantic.

Captain America is her man 🙂

Beanies are her obsession.

Anxiety is her weakness…

Curly hair problems are her dreaded times.

She is tired 104% of the time…

Currently she is a college student with a Worship Studies major.


2 thoughts on “The Writer | The Geek | The Christian

    1. Yes Miss Raquel. I am Calvinist or some call it a reformed believer. My beliefs are sorta different than any normal baptist and protestant that you’d meet. If you have any other questions about Calvinism I am happy to answer them.

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