Aesthetic 21

Quietly you sit, with the breeze blowing by

Sounds of birds and people, pass you by

Nobody notices you, nobody cares

You’re in a different world

Where its peaceful and calm

Quietly you sit, with a book in your nose

Words fill you head with ever flip of a page

No one talks to you, no one says a thing

You’re in a different world

Where its peaceful and calm

The sun begins to set, as the breeze slows down

Crowds of people disperse, as screams become whispers

Smells of good food has swam away

You’re in a different world

Where its peaceful and calm

Time to leave and head on home

Until next time

Where the people crowd around

Animals cry and children scream

Until next time

Where I find peace…


Not yet…

Hopeless Romantic 18

Ever since you could remember, you dreamed of finding the right guy to settle down with and start something. You’d have cute little dates, smile at one another and listen to each others problems. But as the years passed and you reached a certain age, the feelings of being with a guy slowly dissipates and any chance you may have. You see your friends in relationships enjoying themselves, but what you don’t see is drama and heartache. That’s something you don’t really need right now. So much is forced on you now a days to reach that peak of becoming part of something you’ve always dreamed of, but you no longer see that happening.

People bug you and question whether or not you like/admire someone, thinking that it’s a crime to even do so. But it’s not. You’ve trained yourself not to give up your heart, not to fall into infatuation, and trying not like someone more than a friend. Because you already know that once you do, it all crumbles before your very feet and burns into ashes. Do you have a boyfriend yet? Is the question that’s always asked. You hate it and it feels like there is some sort of necessity to have a significant other in your life, because clearly your not doing anything else with it.

Stop asking that question. You can have a perfectly good life without thinking about starting a relationship right away or that someone said you’d be perfect for each other. That’s not how it works for you or anyone else on this earth. You’re not in control. God is and He is the one who is Sovereign over all; including relationships. It’s not gonna happen anytime soon, especially if you feel like your the problem… You should pray, and just be patient with yourself and others.

Just not yet, okay.

Hopeless Romantic 17

Lift them up

The Reagens

They’re always around. In squad cars, on street corners and inside buildings. They wear blue and they are always carry a shield with them. You and the rest of the world may not respect them for what they do every single day; perhaps that should change. Their families wake up to see tragedies go on in their own hometown. Death strikes, people scurry and lives are at risk all the time. But what do we do about such an act? We blame it on others, we say that it was the politicians fault; instead people with families are dying as we speak. Those men and women in blue you so happen to either hate, or disapprove of die everyday protecting you and everyone else.

Lift them up. Respect them as you would respect the president of the United States and other world leader. You may point fingers at their flaws, and say how awful they do their job. But they do their job for you, to protect you. Lift them up. Do just look at them and remember all the bad things they could do or what you’ve heard on the TV. None of that should matter to how you lift those men and women up. Ignore the rants about police brutality, black on black crime or white on black crime; that’s not important. What’s important is that people died for saving lives and you sit there scoffing at it.

Our country is in ruin, yes. But it’s people like the men and women in blue who shine a light into this dark corrupt world. Lift them up, not tear them down for their work or for saving YOUR life. They matter as much as anyone else on this earth. You should show respect to whoever you meet whether it’s an officer or a regular joe. Whoever it maybe, always lift them up, never ever disrespect them. They’re people like you and I, except they save lives everyday.

Aesthetic 20

(For the lives that were lost in Dallas)

Dance All Alone

Whimsical 30

Bare feet touch the smooth grass below you.

A summer breeze blows through your hair.

You spin and sway.

All alone in a field.

You’re dancing all alone

Happy faces, happy lives.

But you keep everything inside.

Angry, scared, worried.

All alone in a field

You’re dancing all alone.

Darkness covers the sky.

There’s nothing that can be seen.

It swallows you whole.

All alone in a field.

You’re dancing all alone.

He then shines through the shadows.

Like a mighty lion.

Saving you from being consumed.

In a field of gold.

You no longer dance alone.

Its only you and Him.

No more being all alone.

Aesthetic 15

(New song)

Can You Just Chill?

Whimsical 29

Words can be hurtful or they can lead to the truth. But words are more than being on a page or in a text message; they cause arguments, falling outs and hatred towards one another. You try your very best to articulate the words that come from your mouth; you try to make people understand you, but you seem to cause more trouble that way. Even when you speak absolute truth that comes from the Bible and God Himself, you still get painted as the bad guy, the heretic who is different and believes in something different.

So, can you just chill? Understand that you did your best with the words given to you by not only God but also your own father. Listening is all it takes. Understanding one Christian to another is all it takes. Words are just words, whether they’re from Christ alone or a depraved human, their still words. Your life shouldn’t be condemned because you believe in something different from someone else, even if it’s still similar. Just chill will you! You are who you are in Christ Jesus, and that’s not changing anytime soon or in the next millennium.

Condemnation can only go so far until you end up judging someone and call them a heretic. Take the log out of your eye, before you take the speck out of your brother’s eye. One cannot live through life thinking that what they say is always correct and end up beating you over the head with whatever they say. Not everyone is going to agree, and not everyone will care. So, can you just chill? You can not be ignored by someone even if they have never met you; that’s just believing in false pretenses. We all need a huge chill pill in life, especially when we face conflicts that can be easily resolved. That’s all it takes, honestly.

Whimsical 18