Being 21 is Hard

Jane Austen

You’ve grown up now. No more childish games and drama to get in the way; no more crushes and falling for boys. It’s now time to learn the meaning of life that God has given to you. But…being twenty-one is hard. You’ve realized that you’re no longer a child or a teenager, but a mature adult trying to fit into the world of other adults. Looking around you, how can you even be an adult though?

You cannot drive, you don’t have a significant other and you’ve closed yourself off from people trying to come in. At least you still have Christ and a job, right? Being twenty-one is hard. While everyone else has a life, there’s you, still scrapping yours together one puzzle piece at a time. Still the question remains, why? Why is being twenty-one so hard?

Well, because you’re learning, reaching goals for the first time. Attending college for a career you may or may not want. Looking for new friends and potential significant others. Having fun as a young adult, and taking up responsibility. Isn’t that why being twenty-one is hard? It’s all one big learning, and growing opportunity?

When becoming Christians, it’s always an learning and growing opportunity. You learning by reading God’s word, and grow by being around other believers and praying with not only yourself with with others. But being a Christian is also hard, just like being twenty-one. You can have a car, a job, money and even a significant other and think life is the best thing since buttered popcorn, but remember: Being twenty-one is hard and same with being a Christian.

Yes, you will be mocked, looked down upon, hated and ridiculed for being not like everyone else, but look back on your life, and know that you have an amazing God who has brought you up to this point in your life, and a great family to guide you. All you have to do it let God handle it even further; continue to have fun, and don’t let idiots step on what you have going.

Remember to pray, read God’s word, and love the life Our Savior has provided.


Even In

aesthetic 3

Even in the darkest parts of your soul, there can be a light that breaks through. While you think the world hates you, and that no one seems to care. Remember that God is always there. Even in the happiest parts of your soul, there is always a rain cloud somewhere to trample your joy. While it rains and pours, there is will be someone to hold that umbrella. Even if your tired of it all, tired of the stupid people of this world, there is still those fantastic friends in your life. While you groan and moan that no one is there for you. Remember God is always there.

Even in the hardest times, where you think God won’t answer your prayers. When you think giving up on God is your only hope for everything. Never stop seeking Him. Even in your bitterness towards a illness your can’t heal from, and all is lost. Never stop seeking Him. Even in situations where a child is far away, fighting a war you cannot fight. Never stop seeking Him.Even in the times where a spouse is hurting you, and you want to break free from that bondage. Never stop seeking Him.

When you receive forgiveness from a friend you cared for, and you don’t want to mess it up. Remember God is always there. When you feel like your vision may not be put in motion the way you want it. Remember God is always there. When you feel broken and hurt from past relationships, and can’t seem to heal. Remember God is always there.

Even in or when something happens in your life, whether it be good or bad, never stop seeking Him. Remember that God is always there during the hardest of struggles, during the times you want to pause the world and end it, during the times where no one is listening. Never forget who made you, who holds you in His hands. It’s not the world, or the people He put in it, it’s He who calmed the seas, and it is He who died for you and me.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
    and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you;
when you walk through fire you shall not be burned,
    and the flame shall not consume you.

Isaiah 43:2

I know you’re out there

aesthetic 2

I know you’re out there somewhere.

Where the wind meets the rain and the sun begins to shine.

When season change from winter to spring.

I know you’re out there somewhere.

Somewhere reading in a quiet little place.

Somewhere where no one can see your face.

I know you’re out there somewhere.

While the hardest parts creep around the corner.

While the light can’t shine through.

I know you’re out there somewhere.

Out there in the distance.

Or right in front of me.

There is no place you’d be

Just I know you’re out there somewhere.

You may not know when or where.

Only God knows and He’ll can show you the way.

I know you’re out there somewhere…


You don’t have the power


How did you become the fellow believer like you are now? Did you open a dusty Bible that sat on your bed for ages? Did you pray some lucid prayer at some Bible Camp? Whatever way you chose, was it the right way? You look at other Christians like you and notice one thing that bothers you: Free Will. They chose to be a Christian. Rising above the rest they accepted Christ because either someone preached some feel-good sermon or someone prayed the sinner’s prayer. But do you honestly believe that you, a depraved human being, have the power to save yourself from fire and eternal death? A simple believer who stated they believed that God is sovereign, cannot stand on stage and preach heresy to his flock saying that we have the power to save ourselves. You shake your head in utter shame as more and more people become Christians but lack the fruit there of. A simple man or woman cannot save someone just by pounding the Bible in their faces. That’s God’s choice whether He has plans to save them or not; not us. We have no power, no jurisdiction to be saving depraved humans. It must come from the heart and from God first and for most.

Mere humans do not have that power. We’re only called to be witnesses, not saviors. The whole reason Jesus died for you was to save those whom first believed not everyone. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16. God had already predestined those who were going to believe in Him from the beginning of time; so how can you say we have the power and God doesn’t? You as a believer cannot stand before a group of baby Christians that we have the power to save those just like God can. Then that is just heresy. No one in the church congregation needs to hear that coming from your mouth. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23. Last time you checked, men and woman are all sinners as well; they’re not holy-devoted people. You don’t have the power to save or choice to become a believer.

So, when you hear people believing that God is not sovereign and He isn’t omnipotent or omnipresent, how can you look at that person and say they’re a Christian? If you stand before a church and speak about Free Will and that if you this list of things God will be proud of you, how are you, a Christian for this many years, are even a Christian? You do not have the power, only God has. No one else is higher than God. Sects of Christianity, we need to get in our heads that Free Will does not do anything. Stop thinking that depraved humans can save people, you’re only believing in what a simple man has taught you and not what it says in the Scriptures. “For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.” Romans 8:29. Are you going to argue with God’s Word on this Free Will garbage? Huh, are you?

Hipster Christian Vs Normal Christian


I’ve come to realize that the Christians these days have been put in labels and I hate that. In the recent years, young people have become one of those labels ‘Hipster Christian’; this label goes a long ways. From mini concerts during a service, skin tight jeans, beanies etc the list goes on. The one thing out of that label of Christianity is probably the music choice and the way they worship Christ. Bethel Music, Hillsong and Young & Free are part of the Hipster Christian movement. Let’s note something here, all of these artists slash bands are cults. They don’t truly worship God nor do they focus on Christ with their music. All they do is pay their main focus on their pastor and what he tells them to do. How is that godly? I can tell you one thing, it sure isn’t in my book nor in God’s. The whole Hipster Christianity thing shouldn’t really be a thing to be honest; you can still be cool without dressing in skinny jeans, flannel and abandoning the bible while preaching to young people. My question is what is the point of being a hipster christian? How does going to a church, whether dressed in high end threads, tattoos all over your body and listen to a preacher who never opens his bible?

Let’s get one thing straight right now. I’m a ‘normal’ christian. I may dress in a all dark colors, but I don’t invoke myself with music that doesn’t fully praise God for who he truly is. But Sam, the stuff you listen to isn’t spirit filled enough? Well, the music I listen to like: Lauren Diagle, for King and Country, Veridia, and Britt Nicole are very much spirit filled. I also do not sit under a pastor who never opens his Bible to preach to his flock. My pastor is the most humbled person I know and he brings what God speaks through to the members of the church congregation. A normal christian doesn’t easily believe heresy, and take it a gospel from whoever decides to spew it from their mouth. Where is the scripture to back that up? If you make a spiritual and biblical rant there has to scripture to back whet your ranting about. So how is that a normal christian? It’s not. A normal christian studies his or her Bible and knows what it says and can defend their faith without hesitation. I, personally have seen Hipster Christians use the Bible out of context many times, and use it for some tattoo on their bodies or something to back up their garage band that they have. But the question I have is: where is the fruit?

Whether it is Normal Christians or Hipster Christians, both labels have different aspects on their own religion. One uses fancy coffee bars and pastors who preach feel good messages, while the other allows you to come to the church even if you are struggle with something. I would rather sit in a church where a pastor knows what he’s saying and the music is doctrinal and not spewing out feel good garbage, than sitting in a church where everyone just stepped out of a Pac Sun store and a Ink Shop. Being normal and a christian is probably the best option you could ever have; you shouldn’t cram other things inside that label as you grow stronger with Christ. All that does is confuse you and the others around you; do you really want that? To be a confusing Christian? In this day in age we call that a Lukewarm Christian. So it’s up to you: Hipster Christian or Normal Christian. Both are still sects of Christianity, but only one way leads you down the road to heresy.



Disconnected so far away
Ammunition the words we say
I know that we can turn this around
We should be building bridges instead of burning them down.

-Veridia, Disconnected

You’ve done it again; catching yourself thinking about how it use to be before this all happened. You spoke a lot back and forth, you sang a lot and you cared a lot. Now, now there is this wall  that blocks you from ever trying to rebuild that bridge you once had. No more weird smiles, no more music and no more friendship. So why do you keep remembering those time you were good friends, those time where a single person brought you together? The thought can’t escape your head; you want to say sorry but you’re too afraid to get rejected again. You need to leave it alone and move on with your life, you’ve done all you can there is no going over it twice. Disconnected; that’s what you are, just deal with it and move on.

Worrying about it won’t help you heal, it will only make you weak. You can try to talk to whoever it is, but will help in the end? Is that person going to shut you out or ignore you again? Why do you even care, why does it bother you so much? That person you once knew is no longer with you. You’ve may been good friends and possible more, but there’s no need to fret anymore. But you can’t escape the though and drop it for good, because that person met something to you. Is that good? Please stop torturing yourself about all of this, it won’t make a difference. Disconnected; that’s what you are, just deal with it and move on.

Now here you are, worrying about that person once again. Will they see you as that person you once were or forget everything and walk away? Why does this even matter to you, why do you care? You have no clue but the thought is still there. So, what should you do now? Should you walk away and forget all of this or finally face your fear and with deal with it? Disconnected; that’s what you are, can you you just leave it alone and move on….

A post for myself and maybe other.

You’re Not One of Us


You’re made to believe the if you pursue your greatest dreams they’ll come true. You’re made to believe that once you’ve become a Christian that nothing bad will ever happen to you, ever. You’re made to believe that once Christ enters into your life, you’re fully protected by folly and hate. For years you believed that, and now you’ve hit a place in your life that you can’t seem to climb out of. But even as you sit in such a dark hole, there is still a ‘I am a Christian’ label stuck to your body. How are you still labeled a Christian if you’re in a dark place doing dark things in your life and to others? How does anything you do or say even reflect Christ? Guess it doesn’t, I guess that means you’re not one of us.

You’ve read the Bible through in through, but never truly applied it to your life. You’ve stopped attending church and listening to your pastor. You’ve drowned out what your parents have taught you and ignore God’s. For years you have been doing this and nothing has seemed to change. So you’re stuck in the mud with no way to get out, except to cry out to the one you shut out. But He can’t hear your cries because you spent years ignoring His words. You begin to drown in the mud pit of self doubt and bitterness; all you have to do is listen to Him so He can save you. Guess that means you can’t hear, I guess that means you’re not one of us.

Enough of this bondage and self loathing. Break free from such darkness. But you can’t by yourself, that’s not how it works here. You can’t save yourself from your own sin, from your own darkness. Only He can, if you just listen to what He says. You can be one of us; the ones who bring light unto that darkness and share God’s word with one another. Stop believing that you can somehow loose your Christian label, and step away from God. You can still be one of us, you can still at least try.

“For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified.”  Romans 8:29-30