Stay True to What You Know

My brother Josh and I have been watching the movie series called: Mighty Ducks. It’s a cute little movie about a ex-lawyer who became a pee wee hockey coach in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Gordon Bombay. In the the first movie Bombay gets a DUI from reckless driving and alcohol usage.  Due to his DUI, he had to perform community service, thus how he became the coach of the Mighty Ducks or Duck for some. Bombay didn’t really wanted to return back to playing or let alone coaching Hockey again because it reminded him too much of his dad and how hard he pushed him to be the best player on the ice. But Bombay pushed through and learned to love the players like his own sons and daughters. Bombay is a perfect picture of how we can stay true to what we know best in this life, and how we can glorify God in our actions through our everyday life. Staying true to what you know isn’t hard , but knowing that God has your back and can lead you straight down the path of Righteousness is the greatest prize. In the second movie of Mighty Ducks, Bombay is tested really hard. He goes from getting injured on the ice, to coaching a worldwide team. But Bombay gets into some deep dirt in this movie… During the time when he is coaching, a manger from Hendricks allows him to sponsor for it and that takes control of him and his focus on the team. Which then the team looses hope in their coach and they call him Captain Blood or something like that. Bombay gets so tied up in this life of sponsorship for Team USA, he forgets to stay true to what he knows: coaching.

See we can get all hooked up in this life we live in, and forget who is in charge of us and who lead us to Him. It may not have been like that for Coach Bombay, but it can be that way for us in the real world. In movies they think the characters can get away with stuff like: betrayal, selfishness, and murder. But we can’t, because we are a child of God, and doing things like that will turn us to people like Coach Bombay was during his time with the sponsorship. Stuff like that leads us to become broken, and empty inside like Regina from Once Upon A Time. We don’t need to be empty when we can be filled be God and his holiness. He is always there for us, and even when we can’t stay true to what we know, God can step in and help us with that. Emma Swan has that problem too, same with Hook as well. For them it’s either do it for yourself or help others…in the end they end up helping their family or each other. I can give you many examples of people who can and cannot stay true to what they know, but none of them are going to help you fix your problem and none of them are going to lead you down the path of righteousness either. Your the example, and your the one who should be showing glory to God all the time, not following others, not being someone you want to be, just you and you alone giving God the full glory.

Okay, I think my rant is over. We all could be like Coach Bombay, we could all be like Emma Swan or Captain Hook. But what really matters is that we stay true to what we know and to stay true to ourselves and to God alone. Because without staying true to God then we give into Man’s world and it’s whispers in our ear, so we can step away from God and follow our own path. Don’t forget who God is, because one day, you too will be in deep dirt and I am not gonna be the one to pull you out…

"I didn't want to have to do this love, but here comes the smolder"

Have a splendid day guys, love you all 🙂


“Hey, I like the sound of that! Lost Boys! I think I’ll call these boys Lost Boys, what do you think Rumple?”

This show....

^This was me…

Past Wooden Garden Village, and up a large hill, there was a safe zone called Breeze Hill. Breeze Hill was one of the many popular safe zones that resides many players who didn’t want to clear any levels, accept for one player. Kenta Takahiro was the only player in Breeze Hill that cleared levels, fought bosses and upgraded his weapons. He was called the bravest player and non-lazy player in all Breeze Hill.

One day when Kenta was lounging under a weeping willow tree, a solider from a guild came over to him, wondering why he was lounging under a tree than fighting on the front lines. He didn’t answer the solider. Kenta rolled back over and fell asleep on the nice soft grass, as the sun shone brightly down on his face.

“Ya know sleeping isn’t gonna clear any levels” the solider said.

“So what? Why don’t you just chill and relax for a while. The breeze is nice, and the sun is warm. For once in your life of fighting, just relax.” Kenta smiled.

The solider shrugged and took Kenta’s offer. She knelt down on the grass and fell asleep with a snap of your fingers. Kenta looked over at the solider and saw the solider fast asleep next to him; he wondered why a solider is all the way out here in Breeze Hill. It was sort of strange to see a girl solider too, especially on that looked like a guild member; Kenta wanted to know who this solider girl was, and why she was here in Breeze Hill. When evening came, the solider woke up to Kenta staring at her from up in the tree. She jumped up from her spot on the ground and blushed; the solider was very embarrassed that she fell asleep when she could be doing something productive.

“You slept a long time. How do you feel?” Kenta asked.

“Oh um I feel a lot better. Thanks for offering me to sleep for awhile” the solider grinned.

“No problem. Oh by the way, the name is Kenta Takahiro” he said.

“Mizuki Ito, the Hooded Samurai guild.” Mizuki bowed.

Kenta gasped, he couldn’t believe that he was talking to the second in command of the Hooded Samurai guild! This was insane, he shouldn’t be talking to her; he was out of her league.

“The Hooded Samurai guild…” Kenta breathed, “I am sorry, I didn’t know that you were…ugh this is awkward.”

Mizuki was confused. She didn’t know what Kenta meant, but she couldn’t stick around to find out. Akio needed her back at Wooden Village Garden soon; he was going to go hunt down Daichi and Yuko so they can join the guild.

“Look, I gotta go. Maybe you can come with me. There’s a hotel behind the pub here. We can rest and you can teleport with me to Wooden Village Garden, if that’s okay.” Mizuki smiled.

“Sure, I’d love to partner up.” Kenta smiled back.

“Excellent! I’ll send you an invite, and then I’ll see ya later okay?” Mizuki said.

Kenta nodded. Then watched Mizuki run off to the hotel she was talking about; Kenta never thought a beater like him, would ever partner up with a non-beater like Mizuki. It felt like he had a friend finally, someone he could fight along side with, and have nice dinners with. Kenta felt happy, something he hasn’t felt since he entered this game; Mizuki was the happiest thing that happened to him.


Why the heck do you need us?” I exclaimed.

Akio, Mizuki and her friend were all sitting in my room with Daichi leaning up against the wall not amused with Akio’s presence. He wanted the two of us to join his guild so he and the rest of his soldiers could pass the boss battle, but I wasn’t going to accept his offer right away. It had been a year since being in SWO, and I felt like my life was whisking away, with fighting on the front lines with Daichi by my side, I just felt like there was not meaning to my life here in SWO. Daichi is the only person who actually cares for the people in this game, and going to fight for the Hooded Samurai is just suicide for both me and the rest of the guild.

“You must be an idiot to ask us for help.” Daichi mused.

“Agreed, you can’t just come in here all hero like and ask us for help, Akio. It doesn’t work like that, no matter what world we’re in.” I stated.

Akio stared at us; he looked like he was about to blow a fuse on us.

“Daichi, you idiot!! You know as well as I, that without passing the levels we’re all stuck here forever. So why don’t you cut the crap and help Mizuki and I out!?” Akio fumed.

Daichi looked over at me; he wasn’t going to agree with him that easily and risk our lives for someone who doesn’t think before acting. Daichi told Akio that he’ll think about his offer, and come up with a decision in the morning. The three left my room and it was just Daichi and I; today has been a rough day for the both of us.

“Well that went…swell.” I sighed.

“Akio is stupid to think that acquiring a beater for his guild will eventually improve it.” Daichi fumed.

“Daichi, just calm down okay. I have you to protect me, and you know what’s best for this party. If you choice to go with Akio, I won’t stop you. Besides, Akio is a jerk and has no idea what the boss battles are like further up in the levels. Only you and I do.” I said.

Daichi came off the wall, and walked over to me. He stared at me, and I stared at him. I was having a weird feeling in my stomach, and it wouldn’t go away. Daichi leaned down to my face and kissed my forehead lightly; he never did that to me before!

“You are my special little samurai, Yuko. Don’t forget that, okay?” he whispered.

“Okay…” I blushed so much.

“Good, because without you I wouldn’t be the person you see today. Yuko, you made me a better person. Thank you” Daichi grinned.

“Welcome…” I smiled.

He bowed and smiled at me; then he left my room for the night. I didn’t tell him, I didn’t tell how much I care about him! I am such a stupid girl…


It was close to Christmas here in SWO, and I couldn’t believe that I’ll be in here for almost two years already. I felt sad that I won’t be able to spend Christmas with my brother and his girlfriend; it snowed every time we opened presents. Now I am stuck in here without no Christmas, no family and no snow; what else could go wrong?

“Yuko, Mizuki needs your assistance. Akio is missing and nobody knows where or what happened to him.” Kenta said out of breath.

“Daichi might know. He and Akio might be beating each other up or something.” I shrug.

Kenta raised an eyebrow at me like I was serious, which I was, and took off running in the direction Mizuki was at. I ran off with him, to see if I could be of any help since this was for my best friend after all.

“So where in the world are we going?” I asked

“Oh, to Breeze Hill my safe zone.” Kenta replied.

Breeze Hill? I have never heard of that safe zone before, is it like Wooden Village Garden I wonder? I guess I’ll have to find out eventually. When Kenta and I arrived to Breeze Hill, there in the middle of town was Akio and Daichi with swords drawn ready to fight each other. Mizuki and I stood there on the side lines watching them closely, hoping they wouldn’t start fighting and draw attention to themselves.

“Akio, I am in no mood to fight you. So back off and leave me be!” Daichi yelled.

“NO! You’re too selfish not to help my guild and Mizuki, so I’m ending this!” Akio exclaimed.

“Both of you are being irrationally about this!” I yelled.

“Silence you child! This is between me, and your beater friend!” Akio grimaced.

I looked at Mizuki; this is not going to end well for either one of them. There is gotta be some way to end this rivalry between these two, but I can’t seem to find out a way. Before I could think up something fast, the men began slashing and clanging their swords together; Mizuki couldn’t watch and I just started to cry. As we watched, Daichi’s health was slowly dissipating, and Akio was somehow not dying; I couldn’t handle this anymore, I had to save Daichi!

“I am not gonna let you kill my friend!” I exclaimed.

“Get out of my way, child!” Akio slashes me.

Daichi watched as I crashed to the ground, and Akio stands over my body with his sword ready to plunge into my body. But Daichi pushed me out of the way, and took my place instead; Akio plunged his sword straight into Daichi’s chest and left him there to die. Mizuki followed Akio, because he ordered her too, and left me there with Daichi dying in my arms.

“No, no you can’t leave me…don’t die on me!” I cried.

Daichi looked up at me, and smiled whilst stroking my face gently. “Be strong my little samurai. I love you…always” he said taking his last breath.

“I love you, Daichi…always my samurai.” I sobbed.

Akio will pay for killing my friend; my Christmas was ruined because of him, and he won’t get away with it! I won’t let Daichi die in vain; I will avenge him and get justice for him. Worst Christmas ever…I am never gonna celebrate Christmas the same again, not after this, not again.

“Goodbye Daichi…live free.” I said taking up his katana and watching his bits disappear into the sky.

Daichi will be remembered on this day, and I’m going to make sure that other beaters aren’t going to be treated like trash anymore. No longer am I going to be treated like a child, I’m going to grow up and beat this game for good! SWO needs to end, because its ending people’s lives including mine and I’m done with it; I am going to end this forever! I’m going to do this for Daichi, for his family, for my family; if I die, I die for a good cause.

“Thank you Daichi for showing me courage in this game…it’s been a honor” I bowed.

So this is my third part of my anime that I have been writing for a while. For a writer I seriously have to many Word documents on my computer that haven’t been finished… I know that sucks…


Quote is from Once Upon a Time. Peter Pan freaks me out so much…I wasn’t expecting him to be a villain. I also wasn’t expecting Captain Hook to be so gorgeous either, but who cares right?

A Door Opens

Wandering the Good

Your wandering around a abandon castle, exploring the halls, the rooms and the throne room. The you suddenly hear a voice coming from a suspicious part of the castle you had not explored yet. You get curious, and dash off to the voice as your heart races for adventure and mystery. As you reach closer and closer, something stops you from reaching for the door, something unexpected. The voice stops and your heart ponds in your chest full of fear. The door opens, you stand there scared what might be behind it, and then you freeze. A Prince stands there in his full attire and a huge smile across his face. He takes your warm hand, and brings you inside and shows you a life you never had before. A life with the Prince as his Princess forever, and all you gotta do is accept it, right?

When we have a door that opens before us, we get scared, and we wonder how to approach it with ease. We want to tell everybody about it, and they get excited for you. But that isn’t going to help your fear of this opened door, and it wont help you approach it either. The best way to handle something like this is through prayer and guidance by either your parents or pastor. You can’t handle something like this without God’s consent, without Him that door of yours wont be open for much longer. Like I’ve said before is a past post, someone has opened a door for me and I have been praying to pursue this door whole heartily and see where God leads me to. This door has made me happy, yet scared because I was not prepared for something this huge to happen in my life. So I am taking it slow, and having God take the lead of this opened door for me then instead people.

It’s hard not telling people about this, and it’s hard not expressing your feelings about this opened door too. But trust me, taking it slow helps and being logical in your word choices also helps. This opened door I have explored, has given me an insight as to what my future might be holding for me; I don’t know if I can fully accept that yet! For someone who wants to be a writer, a stay at home mom, and eventually an author, I don’t know how to react to this door before me. It’s a good thing I have my parents, and my loving Savior to guide me and to show me what needs to be said and what needs to happen. Do you remember one of my posts saying ‘special friend‘? Well that is who opened the door for me. I call him my special friend because my little sister called him that a few days ago, and so the name stuck with it.

So far only specific people know about this opened door, and only certain people don’t know. There are people who like to make it their business to know what goes on in my life, but that isn’t going to happen. Please keep my special friend and I in your prayers as we get to know each other and bond; I’m trying my best not to be awkward and such about this, sorry. I can only tell you what I have told you, nothing else. If you want to know more, you can ask me personally. Thanks guys for understanding 🙂


Okay so I posted my first part of my anime on here, how about I post my second one. 

Hetalia men


It had been at least two months of being stuck in SWO, and I couldn’t seem to get use to it. Ever once and a while, Daichi and I would practice our swords skills by clearing dungeons. Lots of people were in the dungeon, most of them were either higher levels or new comers to the game. One of the players looked really familiar to me, so I went to go introduce myself to her.

            “Hi, um mine name is Hikari, or Yuko. What’s yours?” I said with a small bow.

            “Hehe, Yuko don’t do that! I’m your best friend” she laughed.

            “Mizuki!! Oh my gosh, your alive and stuck in this game.” I cried.

            “Yeah I’ve been in here kicking some serious butt. Glad you finally joined me, and you made a new friend too!” Mizuki giggled.

Daichi stood there confused as to whom this girl was, and how I knew her. He tried to ditch me and transport to a safe zone, but I grabbed his hand and introduced him to my best friend.

            “Daichi is my name. I have been teaching Hikari how to wield a sword and also how to use heavy power attacks” he said with a grin.

            “Nice to meet you, Daichi. Hope you can keep this girl in line, she’s a bit of a downer when it comes to games.” Mizuki laughed.

I pushed her, and grabbed Daichi’s hand. We were needed in the safe zone for a meeting with the other guilds that were made. After these past two months of being inside SWO, many players formed guilds or large parties; these guilds were powerful and unbeatable. One of the most powerful guilds was the Hooded Samurai, and that was the guild Mizuki was second in command of. The three of us teleported to the safe zone called: Wood Village Gardens. When we got there the guild was in an up roar over passing the higher levels, and the leader was pretty ticked off that nobody could pass them.

            “Akio, what the heck is going on?” Mizuki exclaimed.

            “Ma’am, we have made a plan to conquer the other levels and dungeons. But alas we lost several men in the last one we entered” he sighed.

Daichi stepped into the conversation, and tried to assist my friend and her fellow commander. Akio Shun was a tough guy; his level is higher than most average soldiers in SWO. His attacks are extremely outrageous for any player that I know in this game, even for Daichi.

            “Sir, if I may imply. Your tactics are sloppy, and without a safe plan to beat these levels and dungeons you and your whole team will die.” Daichi stated.

            “Who are you to say such a thing to the commander of the Hooded Samurai?! Certainly you know nothing of us to say something like that!” Akio yelled.

            “No, but I have been in this game before it was put on the market, so that makes me a higher level than all of you. So if you don’t mind I suggest you listen to my advice so you won’t die!” Daichi said sternly.

I just stared at Daichi for a moment. What he said to Akio, about him being in the game before it was on the market, makes him a beater! Someone who can cheat and beat a game without assistance from the other players, but he cant be the only beater in SWO, right? Katsuo told me that he was doing the beta test for this game, and he said that he reached almost level 100, and his level on his avatar was close to 80. Maybe that is why Daichi doesn’t use his full powers, because he doesn’t want people to think that his is a beater.


It was now eight o’clock in the evening, and I was out roaming a small dungeon without Daichi. I had my new sword in had called: Black Storm. It power was better than the sword that I started out with, thus I can now defeat dungeon enemies without help from Daichi or Mizuki.

            “Hey pretty girl, what are you doing out here?” a sly voice came from behind me.

            “Gonna beat the crap out of you, if you don’t back off.” I said.

The sly voice came into view, and it was a creepy pale man with a mask across his face. He had a symbol on his gloves, and when I saw the icon above his head it was orange, I started to get really scared all of a sudden.

            “What’s wrong little girl, never seen a murder guild before?” he said with a sneer.

            “Actually no, I have not. But I have seen a stranger in a hooded cape before.” I point to a figure behind them.

The guild leader and his members looked to see what I was pointing at and they turned paler than they were. The caped figure ran over towards me and the guild, and pulled out a long sword.

            “If you boys don’t mind, I suggest you leave this girl alone. Or else I’ll have to kill you” the figure said.

            “Men, I believe that is The Grimm Reaper! Holy crud we’re dead…” the guild leader said.

            “That’s right, so leave or so help me I’ll kill you!” The Grimm Reaper threatened.

I looked at the Grimm Reaper person, and thought that he or she was awesome! But then again, Reaper could also be part of a murder guild as well, so I back away slowly…

            “Nah, I’d rather suffer the consequences with you” the guild leader smirked.

            “Your lose…” Reaper sighed.

Grimm Reaper took off the hood and revealed that Grimm was an actually a girl like myself. I was shocked. I would never thought that a girl like me could be that powerful in a game like SWO, she must be a beater.

            “Men, The Grimm Reaper is a girl!” the guild leader shouted.

            “Sir that’s the other beater like Daichi” a solider of the guild said.

            “We…got to go. Um farewell, but I will get you next time Hikari!!” he shouted at me.

I breathed out heavily, after that incident. That was seriously a close one, maybe next time I should bring Daichi with me, or maybe team up with Grimm Reaper. She was close in age with me, but her level and powers were way higher than me; I felt pitiful.

            “Hey, thanks for saving my butt.” I thanked her.

            “Haha, no problem! I figured you needed help, plus I wanted to scare the crap out of those guys.” Grimm laughed.

            “The names Aya, what’s yours?” she asked me.

            “Hikari, but you can call me Yuko. Should I offer you anything for saving me?” I asked.

            “Yeah, maybe some dinner, haha.” Aya smiled.

I shrugged and took my new friend out for a drink and something to eat, and once we entered the safe zone, I saw Daichi leaning up against the pub wall. Thinking up a plan to save my butt from explanation, I lied about where I went and what happened to me to Daichi.

            “Where the heck have you been?” Daichi asked me.

            “Was out wondering the safe zone; nothing special.” I rolled my eyes.

            “Mhmm, right.” Daichi smirked.

Aya started to laugh. She thought we acted like an old married couple; Daichi and I are just friends though.

            “You guys a thing or something?” Aya asked.

            “Um no, I am her guide through SWO, and also her protector.” Daichi explained.

            “Sure you are…” Aya smiled.

So the three of us had dinner, and talked about being in this game; it was hard for beaters like Aya and Daichi to fit in because they are higher levels than other players. We also talked about death, and how many players died after the huge announcement two months ago. I wonder if maybe, there needs to be someone who isn’t afraid of death, someone who can stand above everyone and save them. Death in this game shouldn’t be feared, what we should fear is if we ever get out of this game, whether alive or not. Only time will tell if we reach level 100, and actually survive till the end; I don’t want to die in here, I am afraid of dying in here.


Dungeon 35 was the next dungeon that the Hooded Samurai was going to conquer. Akio, Mizuki and the other members of the guild were preparing themselves for what lied inside behind the huge dungeon doors. Before they entered, they counted how many they lost and how many men they still had left; Akio knew he should’ve listened to Daichi.

            “Mizuki, I believe we must fall back. It’ll give the guild to rest up.” Akio said with a sigh.

            “Sir, are you sure? We are in the dungeon, how come you don’t wish to go further?” Mizuki asked.

            “Because, we need to recruit a few samurai to help us fight!” Akio exclaimed.

            “Commander, who are we going to recruit? My friend Yuko can’t fight a lick, and her friend Daichi is a beater.” Mizuki stated.

Akio grinned. He knew that Daichi was a beater, and that’s what he needed to get the heck out of this game and back to the real world. Akio had family that needed him, and being stuck in this game wasn’t helping his mood or thought process for the guild. He told all the men to transport back to their safe zone, and meet up back to the guild pagoda early tomorrow morning. Akio was going out to search for a beater…


Quote is from Hetalia. Italy loves pasta.


“You must promise me that you will hold on to hope.”

Sugar cane field in Thibodaux, LA. This field is located behind St. John church.


The Lord comes to us like a leaf on the wind, He whispers into are ear and tells us everything is going to be okay. He shows us the beauty in what He created, and makes us smile everyday. The Lord comes like the rays of the sun, shining down on our face, and warming our hearts. He allows us to forgive people who need forgiveness, and He takes those people home whose time has come for them to go. The Lord comes like the rain falling on your shoulders, leading us down His path of righteousness. He holds are hands everyday, and loves us with every passing moment in our lives. He tell us what will and will not happen, and knows that it’s for His purpose only. The Lord is beautiful in everything, and shows you that beauty through His word and what it tells us. He gives us light in the darkness, and makes us be the salt to the bitterness. He is our knight in shining armor, and we are His princesses in the towers. The Lord is good above all else, and He endures forever and forever. He teaches us how to love, when we wish not to. He picks us up when we lay in the dirt of sin, and washes us in His water of holiness. The Lord is wonderful. The Lord is amazing. He is our Father in Heaven. He is our protector from evil. He is our Savior. The Lord, our abundant giver of life. The Lord of all. He is our Maker and Creator.

 Blessings are a thing that I am happy for. Whether there ones that you can’t explain or their just little ones that make you smile all the time. Blessing come and go often, but it’s the ones that stay with you everyday through out your life that truly counts. My family, my friends and my God are the true blessing that I’m pleased to have. Some might say that their material things are blessings, or that the United States hasn’t been over run by terrorist is a blessing. Whatever it is, they make you happy and the others around you happy as well. Over the past few days I have felt happy, something that I haven’t felt in a long while. Maybe it’s because I have finally seen what God has done in my life, and what He has provided for me. The Lord has been working in my life, and I am doing my best to work my way up to glorify God in what I say, do and write. So that My Savior is shown in the most wonderful way possible. Like I said, The Lord comes like a leaf on the wind.

My Blessings

<<<<<My best friend Olivia>>>>>


<<<<<My special friend>>>>> 


<<<<<the rain>>>>>

<<<<<my little kittens>>>>>

<<<<<being a geek in a non-geek world>>>>>



Quote is from Spiderman 2. I wasn’t really satisfied with this movie….nuff said.

I thought I was invisible? I was totally wrong.

When it comes to the norm of life, whether public school, college or homeschool, we have this thought that nobody notices us and nobody really cares. Princess Diaries is a movie that shows how a girl like Mia, turns from being invisible from normal people, to a princess of her own country. Like all girls, we want to be just like Mia or a princess, someone who stands above the world. But that’s not what being a princess is about, it’s much more than that. Yeah sure being invisible is wonderful, trust me I thought it was too, till my ‘special friend‘ opened a door for me to a new life; then I realized that being invisible isn’t what I wanted anymore.

We’ve replaced the word invisible to introvert and came up with an unsociable group of teens and adults who wish to remain at home doing nothing but surf the internet. But that can have several affects on your life and your walk with Christ; I for one know what I’m talking about. See, when you look at someone who is a introvert, someone who avoids crowds and stays aside from arguments and sits and reads instead, then your sorta missing out on great conversations and fellowship with other teens or adults your age. The site called Tumblr encourages that to most of the American and European populations. Now don’t get me wrong I love Tumblr, but encouraging introverts to just stare at their computer, at something that is not real is gonna get them a job or a future husband or wife? I don’t think so. Thus why we say we’re invisible.

Being invisible maybe great, and you can tell from Mia’s life it was great for her, but when you have a royal grand mum come into your life and say: Surprise your a Princess. Then your gonna realize that being away from others and interesting conversations is pretty selfish, because that’s who your thinking about when your being invisible. Yourself. That’s what Mia learned in Princess Dairies, that being invisible was only about herself and her little world of people she was with. And I think that’s what we mean when we say we’re invisible, were just being selfish to others and having only time to ourself and our friends.

You can’t just shut out society, it doesn’t work that way. You can say you do and just fake it, but it’s still there. Being invisible has it’s advantages and disadvantages, figure out if invisibility is your thing to just be selfish or just to hid away with society. Mia Thermopolis learned that hard way that being invisible what not its all cracked up to be, and being kind and caring to others was way more important. Hope you can find that out, I know I am.

Flaws that Happen

When we least expect it, we somehow fall into depression. It engulfs us in a shadow of grey and black, and we can’t push away from it. The feeling that you wish to sleep all day, or avoid other people is hard to escape. Depression has these effects on several teenagers my age. It comes and goes as it pleases and sometimes it remains where it is. For me, it comes and goes; I feel alone sometimes and melancholy almost everyday. I dunno if it’s because I’m an introvert or I just like to be alone. All I know is that I have a form of depression.

This shadow of grey and black effects us all in a way not everyone can comprehend. There are some people who are so depressed that they wish to do self harm, or even kill themselves! But listen there is no need to do such a thing to yourself, because God is always there for you even in your darkest moments in life. That shadow won’t be above you, and you won’t feel melancholy anymore, for God is on your side.

Along with depression, I also suffer from anxiety and nerves. Anxiety is like a wave of many emotions mixed together and causes a horrific stomach ache. It’s like thinking outside the box way too much and worrying about what happens next. Anxiety is a flaw of mine, and I let it get the hold of me now and then. It makes me worry to much about the good and the bad things in life, and it makes my thought process horrible to counter act with reality. But lately I’ve gotten better with it, and realized that I cannot control what goes on in my life anymore. God is my benefactor, and He is the one who controls every situation in my life, whether it’s good or bad.

Despite these flaws, I am still walking right with The Lord and I’m doing better everyday. You can say I’m kinda like Hazel Grace, but minus the cancer and so on and so forth. Even though I have these thing, these flaws, God is present in all of them. And His will is working everyday throughout my life, and in other lives too. So don’t forget whose in control, because without God, you might loose sight of Him all together.